What Chinese Zodiac Are You? This Could Explain A Lot.

Like to Monkey around or maybe you’re a bit of a pig? The answer to this could all be written in your Chinese Zodiac year. In keeping with the celebration of the New Year, we had a look into each year and what they mean. I stumbled across this fun generator, turns out I am the year of the Monkey and 2016 looks reasonably hopeful for me yet! Find out your Zodiac sign and what 2016 has to offer here : http://www.chinahighlights.com/travelguide/chinese-zodiac/


Why more people are choosing ONEapp

Our main priority is making things easier for you, running a business is a complex task and any little job made easier is a win. That is why we create ONEapp, the easy way to not only order but keep a track of your stock, view and compare prices and ensure your orders are placed on time (plus the perks of exclusive promotions)
Last week to celebrate 1k ONEapp orders we hit the road and asked our customers why they choose ONEapp to order, here were the top 10 reasons:

  1. “24/7 access to ordering I love that when I’m going over everything I need to do for the week at midnight and realise I have forgotten to place my order I don’t have to wait for the morning and hope for the best, I simply send the order through and my order is usually straight out to me the next day”
  2. “I have real trouble remember my products names so my I really like that I can view what I have previously ordered on my list , beats trying to describe it over the phone and that way I can see and review everything before I put the order in.”
  3. “To be honest I love that I can duck out for a quick coffee on the back, sit down and put my orders in, I feel less rushed and can thoroughly check all my stock and add things to my cart as I go.”
  4. The free products, its great I make sure my orders over $150 so I am covered for a couple of weeks and I get send a free 12 pack of bottled water, it has saved me so much on buying water to resell.”
  5. I use my app as a price list, when I realise or a staff member tells me we are almost out of something, I quickly pull my phone out add that to my cart. When I’m ready to process my order all my products from throughout the week are still in my cart ready.”
  6. “There was so many products I didn’t realise you guys did, when I was first signed up to the app I had a browse through and found at least 2 or 3 things that I had been purchasing for a higher price from other suppliers, now I can just order it all from the one place.”
  7. “It’s an up to date price list, if I need a quick price it is there at the touch of a button, I always lose hard copies of price lists so this is so handy for me.”
  8. Not having to wait on hold when the phone lines are busy, I know I can quickly pop my order in with out fuss.
  9. “It’s handy being able to pay by credit card at check out, I don’t have the stress of getting a cheque ready and it also means less cash handling for my staff, I like knowing I am on top of my accounts”
  10. It’s easy to use, I hate technology on the best of days and I was really hesitant to use it at first but once the rep came out to show me I was shocked at how quickly I got the hang of it… couldn’t wait to show my kids how tech savvy I was!!”

Let’s get serious… it’s your work Xmas party.

So it’s that time of the year again, every weekends jam packed with Christmas partys and catch ups. It is easy to get caught up in the ‘festive’ motion of it all and have a few too many drinks along the way. This is why I am here to write this life changing piece for you… we all know there is one Christmas party you definitely need to control yourself at, thats the staff work party.

It’s the most interesting time of year getting to know your work colleagues out of context, it may be all fun and games but there are some simple rules to stick by to ensure come next year you don’t have to stress about office lady Jan talking about how you kissed Phil from accounts right after you fell over on the dance floor trying to Moon Walk your favourite  Justin Bieber track.

1.  Don’t drink too much

The golden rule of work events – do not over indulge in alcohol. This is the number one rule purely because if you follow this rule, 99% of the rules that follow on are less likely to be broken.

2. Dress to impress

This one obviously depends on the dress code, however keep it classy.. gals don’t wear your favourite Supre mini and fellas no one likes that ‘I just got out of bed’ look so snaz it up a little.

3. Don’t over share

Personal life and work life generally should stay very seperate. Try not to overshare, no one really wants to hear about how your were in labour for 24hours and they had to use giant tongs to pull the baby out… especially not poor Jill who is due to have her first child in a week.

4. Don’t flirt or fight 

This ones a major one… and I also think its the most broken rule of them all. Reminder, you have to go to work every single day and see these people, causing any awkward or angry tension between yourself and a colleague is not highly recommended. Yes Justin from HR has a great smile and Sally the secretary is a dreamboat but look away people.. it just isn’t worth the drama.

5. Have fun

Christmas happens once a year, so make the most of it. Have fun, chat, laugh, have a boogie (no getting low) enjoy this wonderful time of year and celebrate a year of hard work.

Hope this helps, Goodluck peeps.xmas

Is Gluten Your Enemy?

Did you answer yes to the title? I am here to tell you everything is going to be okay!!!! WOOHOO. Just because it lacks gluten, doesn’t mean the food you eat has to be boring and bland, thats why I have gone on a little research trip… (around the internet and back) to find delicious, healthy gluten free recipes for my intolerant friends.. thank me later! From breakfast to desert taste has got you covered! Now let the mouth watering begin…..